Our services

Without switches, terminals for machines and devices, light and power no comfort, service or production. Therefore, we ensure a safe and functional installation of, among other things:

• Distribution devices
• Tests NEN 1010/3140
• DALI systems from, among others, Helvar
• Wall contact, light switches
• Lighting installations
• Earthing and potential compensation
• Cable management
• LED-lighting

The speed and availability of data are essential to the continuity of your business. Therefore, we certify and maintain:

• Data installations

• Patch cabinets

• Data networks

• Fiberglass technology

• Telecommunications equipment

Safety is extremely important for every building. We place, certify and maintain:

• Digital and analog fire detection systems

• Installation of fire detectors

• Cabling

• Connection of fire detection system cabinet

  • Light and power installations 75% 75%
  • Data and communication systems 10% 10%
  • Fire detection systems 15% 15%

What we stand for

Our engineers have gained a lot of experience over the years with the latest amenities. Our range of electrical installations is therefore very extensive. Depending on the type of building and the wishes of the client, the right choice must be made in the technical possibilities. With us, each installation design is unique, but we ensure that our core values are always applied.


Electrical engineering is about availability, continuity but above all safety. Again, we are your partner. With installations, tests and inspections we can guarantee that all our installations meet the NEN standards. You can count on our professionals to maintain safety as a top priority, and you can look back in our work.


Quality is paramount to us. That is, we strive to treat each customer as desired. Whether it’s a power outlet in a home or the installation of an office building or school community, all possibilities are present. The materials we use are selected on the label. To ensure this, our materials are purchased from reputable wholesalers such as the Technische Unie.


We have a keen eye for new sustainable technologies. We follow innovations and developments on foot and can help you in a variety of ways to save energy or to generate energy. LED lighting consumes less energy than most other light sources and needs to be replaced less often, including in LED lighting systems, you’re at the right place.


euTechnics , a modern quality-oriented installationcompany

EuTechnics is an installation company specializing in E- and W installations. We work together with technical zzpers to make small and medium-sized projects together within the Netherlands. The work we do ranges from renovations, data networks, sound systems to alarm and security systems. We go for quality, and always work according to the most modern techniques.

At euTechnics you can go for technically high-quality installations. We make use of lighting systems, computer systems and security systems. Your project is carried out by qualified and motivated technicians who work according to the requirements of NEN 1010/3140 inspections and thermography control.

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NEN 3110 inspection garuanty

Our work complies with the NEN 3110 standard. During maintenance and inspection, our technicians are aware of the safety and technical condition of your installation. The law prescribes structural inspections in these areas. Of course, you can contact EuTechnics.

More or less work, efficiently done

The technicians of euTechnics do not work with a 9 to 5 mentality. We are available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. We will process more and less work quickly to make the building flow efficient. You are at the right place for the right price / quality ratio. Ask for our interesting more work options, we will be happy to assist you.

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Together, our starting point

We believe co-creation leads to the best results, that’s why we are always available for a chat. Contact us and discover the possibilities.